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OK before we set off, a plan would be useful

Initial Planning

Reasoning or lack of it !!!
  • Perhaps a little thought ???
  • It is the journey that is important, not the destination.

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Long Range
Driving Tips

Fuel Strategy ??
  • Know your limits, stop for a break when you get tired.
    Keep the target in mind, don't get distracted by interesting places when there is not enough time in the day.
  • Be aware that you are going to be sat down for long periods, it is difficult to be subtle here, but consider the genital area. It will need ventilation to reduce the chances of troubles by being cooped up. The use of appropriate cream may help.
  • On the spot fines are common, usually pay at a local Bank
    Inform your Credit Card company where you are going. It is no fun to fill up with fuel and have your card rejected.
    Large animals in the road is a common hazard in Scandinavia
  • Mosquitos.Tips
    • Wear thick bright clothing
    • Use mosquito repellent
    • Eat lots of garlic, or take garlic capsules
    • Treat bites quickly with Salubrin or Alsosprit

Useful books Norway's Arctic Highway by John Douglas
  • I find this book amazing, he has taken so much time to write this book,
  • that I think he must have walked the road and examined every grain of sand at the roadside.
  • It was this book that inspired me to attempt this journey.
Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 (Now updated to 2013)
    • This is brilliant software, much under rated.
    • Essential for planning and travelling.
    • Far better than any SATNAV I have yet seen.
    • I would consider this essential to any long range journey.
    • It gives you a full picture of the route, though it has its quirks, I would not be without it.
    • If you do not have a USB GPS, the one that come with the kit is excellent.
    • AutoRoute Quirks
      • Exporting waypoints to .gpx file.
      • If near 0 deg longitude, it exports in scientific format,
      • e.g. lon="-9.93919322963537E-02" instead of lon="-0.09939193229635"
      • Garmin MapSource will not import in scientific format.

Essential equipment
  • As we are travelling through 9 countries, it is essential to comply with the law everywhere.
  • Checkout my Motoring summary
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Spare driving spectacles
    • 2 Warning Trianges (expected in Spain)
    • Portable yellow flashing light
    • Left hand drive headlamps or adapters
    • Additional spare wheels
    • First Aid Kit
    • Spare bulbs, plenty of these
    • Hi Visibility Jacket, one per person + spares ones
    • Do not carry a Radar Detector
    • Alcohol limits are much lower than in the UK
    • A breathalyser test lit is required in France
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