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The Plan for the return Journey South

But we shall be exploring new lands and peoples, so the adventure continues
Our route home from Nordkapp, click for a larger picture
Have you seen:- Our route home from Nordkapp ?

Date Overnight
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Daily Kms &

Sun June 22 Karasjok Now southwards, 283 4678

Mon June 23 Tankavaara Today we may have time to visit the Russian border as an off route diversion.
Tankavaara looks like a good place to stay, to see the Gold Museum, perhaps some digging here
169 4847

Tues June 24 Lulea South through Finland, heading homewards, lots of driving. Now onwards. 527 5374

Wed June 25 Sundsvall Another long day down the East coast of Sweden 528 5902

Thurs June 26 Lid After a quick look round Stockholm we will stay with friends. 476 6378

Fri June 27 Malmo Now SouthWest through Sweden 539 6917

Sat June 28 Flensburg A quick visit to the mermaid in Copenhagen, then
we drive to Germany, hotels much cheaper here that Denmark
360 7277

Sun June 29 Calais South along the motorways of Germany, Holland, Belgium and France 897 8174

Mon June 30 Home Our final leg home 399 8573

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