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All these people..... HERE !!!

WHY ??
Nordkapp What were all those people doing there?

There must have been a about 5,000 people around at Midnight on the 21st June, but very few seemed to know what was going to happen.

Some expected some spectacular event, were disappointed that the Sun did not suddenly appear from behind the cloud in the distance.

I expected to find all sorts for geeks, with strange instruments, pagans and other people with their own special reason for being there, but no, just tourists.

It was all very strange.

Especially when at midnight, little groups cheered, no massive group cheering, some people had a tot of whiskey, then the group leaders and coach drivers signalled to their passengers that it was time to leave.

No one seemed to understand, or even care, that they have missed the Sun at its lowest point in the sky by 40 minutes. No one seemed interested that the watches on their wrists were actually showing one hour forward of real time because of Daylight Saving Time, or the fact that Nordkapp is 25 degrees east. No one seemed to know, or care, the actual time when the sun was at its lowest elevation.

All very strange, but they had seen Nordkapphallen, perhaps the video, visited the attractions and enjoyed the experience of simply being there, no matter what the reason.

For us it was a personal achievement, the journey, the experience of the whole trip, just an expression of freedom.

Perhaps we will go back next year....

Nordkapp Nordkapp Nordkapp
Nordkapp Nordkapp Nordkapp

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