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Our Walk around the Nurburgring Nordschleife , 1st December 2013
Lap Time 6 Hrs 17 Mins 23 Sec
Probably the SLOWEST Lap ever !!!
A quickly thrown together page that will gradually develop as I tell you more details of our wonderful day.

An Amazing Day
Well, here we are, stood outside the cafe, reading the signs.
The track is closed.
Another guy approaches.
We chat about what a disappointment it is.
I said I would like to walk, but warn that it is 20KM and will take 4 or 5 hours.
The guy says "I'm up for it". So off we go. Our Lap Time 6 Hrs 17 Mins 23 Sec

Our long walk round.
Here are 316 photos of the circuit as we went around.
Pic P1250232F Pic P1250283F Pic P1250346F Pic P1250745F

Looking backwards is not often done, but some photos do show more detail.
here are 39 Reverse direction photos.
Pic P1250229B Pic P1250269B Pic P1250366B Pic P1250580B

Here are 67 other more general photos and showing scenery and the work in progress.
Pic P1250241O Pic P1250816O Pic P1260208O Pic P1260217O
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