Pictures of the fire Disaster 11 May 1985
I think it important to make these pictures available.
to enable Safety and Fire Awareness.
Now I need to tell you how I came by these photos

These photos came to me as part of an office clear out, rubbish heading to the tip.
On looking in detail, I think that more than one photographer was involved, looking at the sequencing and position each photo was taken from.
But I’ve not been able to find where these photos came from.
However they were submitted to the Popplewell Enquiry and are in that archive.
The researchers at Bradford University where the papers are kept are unable to tell me who owns the copyright.
So anyone can be legally allowed to use the pictures.
I do have high definition versions of the pictures, that I can make available for a "Rostrum Camera Fee".
They are 20Mb .jpg or 65Mb .tif files. Please contact me if you wish to use these pictures.

I do not aim to make a vast fortune out of these pictures, and any surplus I do make will go to Burn Unit Charities.
Please be sure that you include in the caption of the photo the fact that 56 people died in that fire.
Please use the photos in a sensitive way