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Up the well worn staircase
The spiral staircase
Up to the bells
A view of the bells
Dewsbury Minster West


Explore the Church Tower

Our ringers will take you up the tower, see the bells and maybe ring a bell.
Hear the story of "The Devil's Knell", a unique Dewsbury tradition

A free tour, we ask you book your Ticket

Each tour will take 10 visitors, involve climbing our ancient spiral stone staircase to the ringing room. 

Then, for the more adventurous, another short climb up the staircase and a short wooden ladder up to the bells.

Stable footwear essential

Please read our safety information.

Sorry, we are not able to put together a team to run this in 2017.
We hope to run events in 2018.

Previous information follows

Location : Dewsbury Minster Tower, Tickets at Town Hall

Times : Tours at

Booking with

  • Contact us Preferred by email
  • Phone
    • 01977 796339
    • Or if really desperate on my mobile
    • 0791 221 0244