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Lucy Clarke

I am gradually building this page and other related people's pages.
Please be patient.
Lucy Clarke
Life Events
Born Around 1850
Died Not yet discovered
First Marriage Married to John Johnstone 1877
Marriage Certificate
Family Relations
Father Not yet discovered
Mother Not yet discovered
Brother 1 No discoveries yet
Sister 1 No discoveries yet
Son 1 ( probable) Willie Clark. Born 1st September 1973
later Willie Clarke Johnstone
Daughter 1 No discoveries yet
Interesting points
Point 1 Not yet discovered
1881 Census
Line Detail
Living at 5 Milton Street Bradford
John Johnstone Age 33
Lucy Johnstone Age 31
Son Wille Age 7
Son Thomas age 2
Daughter Mary Lucy Age 1
Born 28 September 1879
Baptism at Richmond Terrace Chapel, 6 November 1879
1891 Census
Line detail
Living at 8 Bilton Place Bradford
John Johnstone Age 43
Lucy Johnstone Age 41
Son Wille Age 18
Son Thomas age 12
Daughter Mary Lucy Age 11
Daughter Fanny Age 8

1901 Census
Line Detail
Now move to 6 Bilton Place Bradford
John Johnstone Age 53
Lucy Johnstone Age 51
Son Thomas age 23
Daughter Mary Lucy Age 21
Daughter Fanny Age 19
Daughter Elsie M Age 9
1911 Census
Line Detail
6 Bilton Place Bradford
John Johnstone Age 63
Lucy Johnstone Age 61
Son Thomas age 32
Daughter Mary Lucy Age 31
Daughter Fanny Age 29
Daughter Elsie Age 19
Connected Names
Connection 1 Not yet discovered
Connection 2 Not yet discovered
Connection 3 No discoveries yet
Connection 4 No discoveries yet
Connection 5 No discoveries yet
Connection 6 No discoveries yet
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