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Staircase and Tower
Safety and Precautions

Climbing the tower can be easy for the experienced spiral staircase and ladder climber, but could be difficult and dangerous for others.

With care and patience a successful visit can be assured.

The tower is dusty, so expect clothes to collect some dust.

There are 45 stone steps to ascend to the Belfy from the Nave, and 45 down to the North Aisle.   We will be stopping in the Belfry for a demonstration of English bellringing. Those who wish can ascend the ladder to views the bells. 

However, the safety requirements of further ascent is beyond the scope of this visit. You can view the ladder in the Belfry it is 15 metres long (45 feet) that ascends to the parapet below the Octagon. There is also a further 9 metre ascent of a ladder followed by a short crawl through the roof void allows access to the roof.

We need to consider safety on the staircase and ladders
Precaution Reason
Bells. Rope or other equipment
Bells may be set for ringing
hence dangerous to non-ringers
Cover limbs
Long sleeve jumper and trousers
Risk of grazing knees and elbows
Properly fitting footwear
Footwear must be stable on ladders and steps
High heels not recommended
Maintain distance between people
Risk of the heels of one person hitting the face on ascent, kicking back of head on descent
Nothing to be carried
Risk of falling items
Check pockets for loose items
Risk of falling items
Use hands on steps to stabilise ascent and descent
More stable than handrails
Look out ahead
There are places where the height is low and obstructions impose on the route
Ladder climbing precautions
Please respect the advice of the Stewards
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