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Relief of the pain and itching caused by insect bites.

Here is my story

Walking in the forest, bitten by midges and mosquitos,
now the urge to scratch and scratch ???
No nearby pharmacy?
Read how I overcame the urge to scratch.

WARNING. This is not advice or a recommendation.
This is a report of my incident and the measures I took to ease the itching and pain.
If you decide to follow my measures, that will be totally at your own risk.
I have no medical qualifications.

Acknowledging all my warnings, please read on.

In June 2008 I was walking in a forest in Finland, in the early evening.
Initially there seemed to be no insect or mosquito problem.
But as I walked on the intensity of insects increased.
I took measures to cover as much skin as possible, but still I was bitten on every exposed piece of skin, and through my clothing.

On return to my cabin, had supper and the bites did not seem to be any problem.
However as I settled down to sleep the bites began to swell and itch very strongly so I could not sleep.

Soon I had found relief and slept soundly.

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