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Written in 2008, updated 2012
Not a difficult task for the first time traveller, it is surprisingly achievable.
Journey time can be just over 1 hour,  typically just over 2 hours. Cost 4.60 Euros each.
The Spanish bus drivers have never been helpful in my experience.
They only want to speak Spanish, and don't want to ensure you get off the bus at the right place.
You cannot pay for bus fares with 20 Euro notes. So ensure you have some small denominations with you.
The drivers prefer exact money. I have always found them to be honest with change.

OK, your flight has landed, cleared Customs,
Now head for the sunshine.

The way out of the Terminal 01 The way out of the Terminal 02
The way out of the Terminal 03 The way out of the Terminal 04

Palma Airport Bus Line 1

The bus stop is just across the car park outside the main doors from the arrivals hall.
It is about a two minute walk from the terminal building or if you have heavy luggage or walking difficulties there is a moving walkway to transport you across the car park.

Towards the Bus Stop 05 Towards the Bus Stop 06
Towards the Bus Stop 07 Towards the Bus Stop 08

The Palma Airport buses run at regular 12 minute intervals and have an autocue on the bus, at the front, which tells which you which is the next stop.
The route is as follows: Route: Aeroport, Joan Maragall, Avinguda Gabriel Alomar, Avinguda Alexandre Rosselló, Plaça d'Espanya, Av.Compte de Sallent / Alemanya, Passeig Mallorca, Avinguda Argentina, Passeig Marítim, Estació Marítima, Dic Oest .
Departs from Palma Airport: 06:00, 06:12, 06:25, 06:37 last departures: 00:45, 01:10, 01:35, 02:00 (average frequency every 15 minutes)
Departs from Dic de L'Oest in Palma: 05:30, 05:55, 06:12, 06:25 last departures: 01:10, 01:35, 02:00, 02:25
The cost is only €2.50 single fare PAY THE DRIVER WHEN GETTING ON THE BUS
and for more details visit EMT Palma

PMI Airport Bus Inside the bus

The bus travels along the motorway, then into Palma and onto the busy two lane city centre loop.
Look out for the pink Building on the right
The next stop is where to get off the bus
The Stop is called Plaça d'Espanya
Palma Pink Building

Get off the bus HERE !!!    Plaça d'Espanya
Entrance to Parc De Les Estacions

Walk round the back of the building, looking for the glass topped escalator.
Go to Intermodal !!!

A view of Transport Interchange Entrance

You have a choice of Escalator or Lifts.
I prefer to go down the Escalator, keeping right past the Railway Platform Entrances,
turn left at the end and go down the next escalator
Now you need to look for your stand for your bus to Deia.   For many years this has been Stand 7.

Looking down the Escalator head across to the right, ignore the Train barriers
Down more stairs to the Bus Station The Bus Stands, ours is to the right Number 7

There are two buses to Port de Soller
Your bus is 210, PAR VALLDEMOSSA
They really make things difficult by having both buses next to each other and often departing at the same time.
The bus looks like this

Red Bus to Deia

Put your luggage in the lockers at the side of the bus, you have to open them yourself

load you luggage underneath

Pay the driver.
You cannot pay for bus fares with 20 Euro notes.
In 2012 the fare was 2.70 Euros each
Sit back and enjoy the ride. Watch out for the large roadside Kilometre markers.  You will be getting off the bus between 62 and 61.
Make sure you get your luggage before the driver departs.

Son Canals is only a few hundred metres walk in the direction of Soller, where the bus went.
This is where you get off the bus Head further in this direction
Walk to the corner Now along the footpath at the left
Target in sight, red sign Entrance to Son Canals

Download the Arriva Route map ( but it is 1.3Mb )


They are available on line, but here are pictures of the 2011 times.
I don't think they will be changed much
As ARRIVA have taken over the route, I expect they will try to get a return on their investment.

TIMETABLES from the On Line website .
But this may change quicker that I can keep my pages up to date

The 16:45 from Palma !!!
From Palma, you use the L211 to Soller bus station, where you change onto the 17:35 L210 coming from Port de Soller going to Palma via Deia !!!
Through ticketing applies, so ask the driver for "DEIA PAR SOLLER". Give him the 2.60 Euros.
Many drivers forget about this one quirk of the timetable and try to sell you a ticket to Soller. But insist!!!

Line L210 Timetable Jan 2011
Line L211 Timetable Jan 2011

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